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Short plays presented in full and long plays presented as excerpts. For full script or production inquires, please email me at


Private Browsing (3m, 2w; 100 min.)

Erin didn’t want to find her father’s porn collection. Now she can’t stop thinking about how he only likes black guys fucking young white girls while their “husband’s” watch. Does this mean he’s racist? She decides to create a fake boyfriend named Dante who plays on the basketball team and see what his reaction is.

Upcoming Reading with Wide-Eyed Productions.

Do You Have A Backup? (1m, 1w, 1r; 60 min.)

Keith maintains your data. He makes sure it’s there for you when you need it. Even when he’s replaced by a robot he’s there, making sure it’s safe, because he never wants to say goodbye.

Read as part of the Three Dollar Bill reading series, produced by Theatre for the New Economy, 2012

In Antarctica, Where It Is Very Warm (2m, 3w; 120 min.)

 Palmer Station, Antarctica. After recently arrived plumber Neil is found face down in the snow, a young, pregnant scientist named Vicki must determine for their employer whether it was an accident or suicide attempt. The two of them try to find warmth in the coldest place on earth.

Read at Jimmy’s No. 43 with Blowout Theater Co.

Read as part of the MOONSHINE reading series, produced by Lunar Energy Productions, 2012

Mamas Don’t Let Your CFOs Grow Up To Be Cowboys (4m, 3w; 60 min.)

Set during one Silicon Valley CFO’s last days of freedom, Mama’s Don’t Let Your CFOs Grow Up To Be Cowboys proves that there is nothing funnier then capitalism, except maybe the contemplation of capitalism as you sit on your toilet, late for your wife’s birthday lunch, as your mistress/secretary lectures you about your diet and your company falls to pieces around you. And you’re going to jail.

Premiered at the Suzanne Werner Wright Theatre, Sarah Lawrence College Mainstage, 2008


I Miss Dreams

A scientist and his test subject bond during a sleep study. With air horns.

I CAN HAS PLAY (1m, 2w; 10 min.)

I CAN HAS PLAY is about the Internet, and what it can do for a 14 year-old video blogger named Amanda if she will only show her tits (or GTFO). Amanda’s mother tries to keep up on what’s happening in her daughter’s life, while the classmate who spurned her tries to figure out if ruining someone’s credit actually means I like you.

This play has been published! Premiered as part of Detention #1, produced by ESPA/Primary Stages at Jimmy’s No. 43, NYC 2011

Beer With Bigfoot(2m, 15 min.)

A West Virginian reporter tries to piece together exactly what happened when his childhood friend is accused of brutally murdering a scout under his watch. A dark comedy with drinking and oversized footprints.

Premiered at the You Heard It Here First Festival at the Magnet Theatre, NYC 2008 and subsequently produced by Pace University as part of their Directing Final Fest 2009.

Blood Runs Crazy (2m, 1w; 10 min.)

Inspired by Neko Case’s song Dirty Knife, Blood Runs Crazy tells the story of a father and his daughter as they prepare to bury her brother half-dead.

Adapted for radio as The Family Grave.

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